First month’s charge 
Upon selection of a class and completion of this form your child will be enrolled. At this time, in order to hold your child's place in class, your account will be charged for the first month of gymnastics and registration. In order to protect you we have a two week money back guarantee. If for ANY reason after the second class you decide to not continue we will refund 100% of your fees paid. (This decision must be made at the end of the second class. ) We prorate your first month if you start in the middle of the month. If you are a first time member or a past member restarting in September, you will also be charged a FAMILY Registration Fee of $35.00. This covers your entire family and goes from September to September. If you have any questions please call our office at 607-648-7366.

In order to keep class fees low Chenango Gymnastics uses an automatic billing system. EVERYONE must have a current charge or debit card on file. Each month on the 20th ( 21st if it falls on Sunday ) your card on file will be charged for the next month's tuition. This is the method the majority of our customers use. As a customer courtesy we do offer an alternative method to pay by check, cash, credit card in the gym or on the parent portal no later than the 19th of each month. Your card on file will be charged on the 20th if your account balance exceeds zero.
All manual payments must be made by the 19th of the month.
  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the card on file is up to date and active at all times. Please immediately notify our office or use the parent portal to update your card if it is is no longer valid. If for any reason your charge is denied your account will be assessed a service fee of 10.00 . As a customer courtesy to allow for mistakes, we will waive the fee one time per year
  If for any reason a charge or debit card is not on file and a manual payment is not made by the close of business on the 19th a $10.00 late fee will be assessed to your account.
All accounts must be kept current. I understand that if my account falls more than 30 days past due my child may not be able to participate in classes until it is up to date and a charge or debit card is put on file.
If I do not pay prior to the 20th of each month I give Chenango Gymnastics permission to withdraw the monthly fee from my card on file.

​Drop withdrawal 
When you register your child in a class we hold and guarantee his/her spot in that class and assume that they are continuing month to month. If for any reason your child decides to drop or take a break from class, it is mandatory that you give Chenango Gymnastics a written drop/withdrawal notice by the 19th, prior to the next month's classes. This allows us to fill that spot in next month's class. This is mandatory!!! If we do not receive written notice by the 19th your card will be charged for the next month's class fee. Drop notices are available in the office! IMPORTANT: Notifying your instructor or office verbally is not acceptable as a drop notice.

Make up”s
Make ups for missed classes are not guaranteed. We will try to accommodate a maximum of 2 make ups per month for missed classes, as long as we can find an appropriate age and level class that is not full. MAKE UP CLASSES MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCE THROUGH THE OFFICE. NO WALK INS WILL BE ALLOWED. Make ups can be carried over into the next month, as long as you have paid for that month. Once a child withdraws, all make ups are forfeited and no credit given.

Upon Arrival: Parent/ Athlete Responsibilities:

Hands and feet (gymnast) must be washed or sanitized as soon as entering the gym and
immediately after class:
Parent and Athlete
Questions to Ask yourself:
• 1. Have you had a cough?
2. Have you had a fever?
• 3. Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?
• 4. Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

Gym Area:

Stations for events will be spread out. There will be no in-line waiting for turns.
Equipment/mats will be cleaned after each class, and as much possible in between rotations.

In the sport of gymnastics, it is extremely important for coaches to spot students during skills to
ensure safety. Spotting and hands on coaching is also crucial when learning and progressing to
new skills. Alternate methods, such as extra drill stations for progressions, will help eliminate
some hands on; however, coaches will continue to spot gymnasts when it is necessary. 

Chenango Gym has always been an open facility for the pleasure of viewing your child's class.

Pro-Shop and Leotard Sales: OPEN
We will do our best to keep our restrooms extra clean during this time. 
to refill it.